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Seeking a professional for a facial has lasting benefits that can drastically improve the look and feel of your skin. Whether you’re seeking a thorough cleansing, pore refinement or anti-aging benefits, our beauty professionals are trained to target your specific areas of concern. While facials are considered to be a beauty salon staple,we go one step ahead & offer you a first-of-its-kind service by studying your skin thorough a detailed skin analysis by Dr.Anju prior to your first facial appointment to determine which the treatment would work best for you.

Refined Pores

The dirt and bacteria that accumulate on your skin throughout the day can settle in your pores, causing unsightly blackheads and whiteheads. During your facial, our experts performs extractions to safely squeeze blackheads, whiteheads and accumulated dirt and oil out of your pores. The result is the appearance of more refined pores and an overall smoother complexion.

Skin Renewal

A portion of your facial will be dedicated to exfoliating your skin’s outermost layers of skin. By sloughing away dead skin cells, bacteria and debris, your beauty provider helps reduce the chance of these particles clogging your pores. Exfoliating ingredients, such as glycolic and alpha-hydroxy acids, are often used in such treatments. We use our signature premium products to attain the maximum level of exfoliation without irritating your skin as in case of aggressive ingredients.In our luxury signature range,we also offer glutathione skin facials which is the ultimate for skin color enhancement.

Product Absorption

Because of the exfoliation and extraction, your facial will bring your newest, freshest layer of skin to the surface. This paves the way for products to be more readily absorbed by your skin, allowing for maximum hydration. In addition to our signature luxury moisturizer applied during your facial, any hydrating products you use within the hours or days immediately following will likely have their efficacy increased. Also be diligent in applying our exclusive beauty potions after your beauty treatment to maximize the products’ full impact.

Anti-Aging Benefits

During your facial, Dr.Anju incorporates the use of the best products for your skin type, designed to offer anti-aging benefits. For instance, chemical or herbal peels and brightening masks incorporate ingredients such as retinol, vitamin C, plant extracts and other age-defying antioxidants. When incorporated into a facial, these powerful treatments can boost collagen production, plump the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and brighten your complexion.

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