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Being healthy & fit isn’t a fad,instead it’s a lifestyle.”

Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.

Busy lifestyle,hormonal concerns and genetics may leave you a body far from healthy.While it is not possible to eliminate them completely from your life,Dr.Anju helps you attain the body you have always desired for minus all the unattainable fitness trends that ultimately fail owing to their impracticality.

Dr.Anju offers you FREE consultation,wherein we know more about your concerns and your lifestyle after which a plan is charted out,tailor-made for you.

Our services offer complete weight loss as well as area specific weight loss which helps you target a few stubborn areas that reduce to tone down despite efforts and help you maintain an optimum weight and size to keep you feeling healthy,active & fit as well as keeps obesity related diseases at bay. Our other services include body shaping & firming,aesthetic gynaecology (breast firming & vaginal tightening),anti-cellulite treatment and spot reduction.

A healthy body changes your mind,attitude & mood.”


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