Weight Loss


What is the Weight Loss Program?

Weight loss program is our exclusive, one stop solution which helps a person achieve and maintain overall as well as area specific weight loss.

The line of therapy includes

  • Waist & Hip shaping
  • Anti-cellulite therapy
  • Spot reduction
  • Flattening of abs
  • Losing love handles 
  • Full body toning

The program is charted out after a detailed consultation with Dr.Anju and accordingly weight loss goals and aims are set,which decides the duration required for weight loss to happen at a quick yet healthy pace.

How does it work?

Dr.Anju chalks out a custom-made plan for each and every patient as per the body type, Basal Metabolic Rate(BMR), lifestyle, hereditary & genetic factors,as these too play a role in determining a person’s body constitution.

With the advancement of technologies, there are machines which help to attain controlled and effective weight loss in specific areas. Healthy habits and exercise help to maintain the results achieved.

A thorough fitness plan will be devised to help keep you slim and healthy.

Am I a good candidate?

Any healthy individual who wishes to make a healthy start by losing unwanted baggage on the body is a good candidate for this program.

Nisha Kothadia

Enjoyed the experience. Thank you.


Good job.Thanks,Will recommend!


Thank you Dr.Anju for patiently hearing me out. Would recommend!