Vampire Facial


What is Vampire Facial?

While Vampire Facelift is a popular rage for Hollywood celebs,vampire facial is our very own twist to PRP therapy for skin rejuvenation.

It is the ultimate facial for a superb glow – giving you an even better boost of Collagen, to make your skin look younger, tighter and more radiant.

It causes skin rejuvenation in two ways,

  • the first relates to treatment of ectatic vessels, pigmentation and pilo-sebaceous changes
  • the second refers to dermal remodelling with wrinkle reduction and/or skin tightening.

How does it work?

We use your own cells for anti-aging of your skin and face.

Your own cells have immense capacity to repair and replenish old worn out cells are introduced in the facial skin and the particular problem areas.

Very soon the effects begin to show up. Sagging skin is replaced by firm, bouncy skin. Fine lines, age spots, smile lines, wrinkles begin to diminish and may eventually disappear. Brows and hair begin to darken.

The result is a youthful, vibrant you, almost twenty years younger looking!

As the procedure is based on natural self-healing and uses your own body cells derived from your bone marrow or fat, it has long term effects without any side effects, allergies or infections.

Am I a good candidate?

Good candidates for this treatment are healthy individuals who have ignored the signs of ageing for long time& now wish to turn back the clock to look ageless.

Nisha Kothadia

Enjoyed the experience. Thank you.


Good job.Thanks,Will recommend!


Thank you Dr.Anju for patiently hearing me out. Would recommend!