Plant Stem Cell Anti-Ageing 60 Minute Facial


What is Plant Stem cell Anti-Ageing Facial ?

Plant stem cells are undifferentiated cells found in the meristems of vegetation.

Like human stem cells, they have the ability to self-renew and replace specific plant cells in need of repair. Many of the anti-ageing and skin care products contain antioxidants and nourishing ingredients that but these are coming from the stem cells of a plant, which makes them more powerful.

Stem cells from plants are one of the newest anti-ageing ingredients. All it takes is 60 minutes to start the magic.

The commonly used stem cells are Edelweiss, Centella asiatica, Swiss apple, Raspberry, lilac, algae and grape seed. Some cosmetic formulators are using stem cells from buds, shoots and a mélange of plants.

How does it work?

Stem cells are incredibly unique because they have the potential to transform into any kind of cell type within the body.

They also have the power to regenerate and multiply.

These stem cells – when used to fight illness or disease,can actually help the body regrow damaged tissue and heal itself from the inside out.

What does this mean in the world of facials? Well, just as stem cells can replace damaged heart or liver cells, they can also regenerate skin cells.

As we age, the integrity of cell walls diminishes and our skin becomes wrinkled, losing its elasticity, plumpness and radiance. A topical application of stem cells can breathe new life into ageing skin and help your body replace damaged cells with new, more youthful looking skin cells.

The healing process begins to stimulate the fibroblast with deposition and reorientation of collagen bundles.

Am I a good candidate?

The highlight of this amazing therapy is that any healthy person who wishes for long term results which are completely safe and nourishing is a suitable candidate.

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