Liquid Facelift


What Is a Liquid Facelift?

A Liquid Facelift is a technique for using a combination of botox and advanced dermal fillers to lift and contour your face.

It is designed to give you a smoother, more youthful appearance.

It is a single procedure that is intended to mimic the effects of a traditional facelift, including skin tightening, but without surgery.

In some patients the goal of a non surgical Liquid Face Lift procedure is to lift the entire face.

In others,it can be used to contour specific facial features. For example, under eye bags and dark circles can be masked by using Liquid Facelift techniques; eyes can be opened up and lids lifted; jowls can be lifted and diminished; natural shape can be restored to flattened cheeks or temple areas; corners of the mouth can be lifted; and bumps on the nose can be hidden.

How does it work?

To shave off years from your skin,we combine the power of 2 wonderful procedures – Botox and Filler.Fillers restore lost volume, give a natural cheek lift, and botox softens wrinkles and creases around the mouth.

Botox relaxes the muscles causing the face to pull down allowing for the maximum lift of facial structures by fillers.

When it comes to your face, up is good and down is bad!

Am I a good candidate?

Whether your cosmetic concern is to give a gentle lift to your facial features or graver issues like facial volume loss,vertical lip lines,wrinkles ,sagging skin which gives a tired appearance, furrowed brow lines, crow’s feet or and are interested in a comprehensive, nonsurgical approach to rejuvenate your appearance, a liquid facelift may be just the thing for you .

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