Manicures & pedicures


We’re not talking about gel manicures and French tips; just a neat, trim appearance.

Whether most men are convinced of it or not, manicures and pedicures do not break faith with the macho ethic.

They don’t see gender or sexuality. They don’t judge & are for everyone.

Plus, you’re going to like it.

What’s not to like about someone rubbing your hands & feet and making them look nice?

It is a very simple pleasure. One that literally helps you put your best foot forward.

Besides, your paws could probably use some maintenance. People are looking at your hooves and you do not want to hit up the annual block party with a case of troll foot.

Well-cared-for hands and feet indicate, in a basic way, how a man feels about himself and his looks.

You don’t want her to judge you on the basis of your unkempt nails now, do you?

Choose from our premium luxury personified range of manicures & pedicures. We promise, you’ll love it !

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Thank you Dr.Anju for patiently hearing me out. Would recommend!