Hydrating Masque


Have a few minutes to spare this week? It’s time to mask up.Whether you’re looking to deep-clean pores, rehydrate dull skin or get glowing, a mask will get you there a lot faster than your normal, everyday routine

Masks are especially welcome when the weather turns, gracing us with parched (and in extreme cases, peeling) faces. Going back and forth from drying indoor heat to the cool outside air can do a number on your skin.A hydrating mask is great for these months as it will help keep the skin rejuvenated and looking youthful.

Sun damage, lack of sleep, a hectic work schedule and too many nights out can lead to dull, dehydrated skin.

Sure, shaving and scrubs work to exfoliate dead surface cells. But, face masks for men go one step further by drawing up pore clogging gunk that can lead to breakouts and shaving bumps.

Unearth the dirt, sweat and oil trapped deep in your pores by applying a face mask once a week.

Start clean. Post a thorough deep pore cleans we apply the mask to your entire face and neck. We let it sit, sink in and work it’s magic and you’re good to go.

Enjoy a revitalized, brighter complexion with one of our premium deep cleaning facial masks carefully chosen to best suit your skin.

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