Beard & Moustache Trimming & Styling


Fact of life: Chicks dig scuff

Research proves that women rate facial hair as one of the major physical attractions of men. Why stare at the glorious whiskers of other men, wondering if it’s possible to grow your facial hair so resplendently (whether or not your employer would approve).

Time to aim — and aim high.

Don’t sweat patchy areas or whether your features only allow for a wispy bristle; you can work with whatever is present and still get acceptable, admirable results. After all, the only way to know how it will look is to grow it out, and experiment with options.

Our aestheticians are glad to help you with everything you need to know- 

  • How to get the coolest beard and mustache styles
  • How to complement your face shape with the most flattering beard
  • How to trim and fade your facial hair
  • How to keep it all clean and scratch-free with some top-tier grooming products and tools.

Your beard-envy days are soon over, but the excitement is only beginning.

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