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Attractive Bodies

Attractive Bodies

Having a great body is one of the very basics. Good looks are secondary – a great body is the key to long,healthy life.

A fit body conveys how much you care and respect yourself and won’t let indiscipline or a busy life get in the way to ruining your health or appearance. It is impressive on more than one count.

Recent studies show that humans are programmed to quickly sum up the bodily measurements of a future lover.

Again these are based on genetic clues which we are unconsciously gleaning from bone ratios.

Men prefer a waist-to-hips ratio of 7:10. Hip width and breast size are important factors in fertility, child birth, and rearing, so there’s definitely an evolutionary connection there.

A BMI (Body Mass Index) of 20.85 has been determined as the most attractive weight for a woman. Scarlett Johansson has previously been voted as having the most attractive female figure.

Women are unconsciously looking for a man who has a waist-to-hip ratio of 9:10 and are attracted to a partner with a big jaw, a broad chin, an imposing brow. The angle between their eyes and mouth, cheekbone prominence, and facial length all play a role as well as does facial hair. Most women prefer heavy stubble to either a beard of clean shaven. However men with full beards are viewed as better fathers.

The perfect man should also have body fat of around 12 per cent which is an important indicator of how well the immune system works.

We help you get into ship shape while working around your lifestyle & schedule without subjecting you to crazy fad diets.

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